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ESG Roadmap and Communication Plan for Azerbaijani Pharmaceutical Distributor

Create a comprehensive ESG roadmap blending ESG principles into all operational aspects, with a commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical governance.

We created a bespoke ESG strategy, tailored to the pharmaceutical distributor’s unique needs, fostering transparency and accountability in ESG practices and bolstering stakeholder relations through effective sustainability communication, positioning the distributor as an industry leader.

ESG Empowerment Workshops for NGOs

We created a series of customized workshops emphasizing the importance of ESG principles in contemporary society for a distinguished NGO (‘Reliable Future’) based in Azerbaijan.

Electricity Loss in Vietnamese Transmission System 2019-2023

Identify and reduce cause of electrical network losses and improve consumer transmission efficiency.                                           

Electric Power System Redevelopment in Armenia

Analyze, design, and update Power Factory software in an electrical power system. Software modernization, application expansion, and automation of electrical calculations.

Kenyan Power System Distribution and Wind Farm Scheme Integration

Choosing the best wind plant power connection option to the Kenyan electrical grid.

Pamir Energy Power Software in the Energy Landscape

Integration of Power Factory software as a unified tool for modelling, planning and operating an autonomous energy system.

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